While at Let the Dogs Run, you must agree that you do so at you and your dog/s own risk. Your dog/s behaviour is solely your responsibility!

At Let the Dogs Run! You are completely responsible for you and your dogs safety and welfare both on our property and that of the neighbouring land. We only accept responsible dog owners on our premises. They must keep within the law of responsible dog ownership. At Let the Dogs Run we will not accept any liability for loss, injury or death.

All transport vehicles parked within Let the Dogs Run’s  boundaries are left at the owners own risk. We accept no responsibility for any accidents or damage cause while parked at Let the Dogs Run.

We as the organiser and the landowner will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused to property, individuals or animals when using our exercise fields or buildings.

If any damage is caused to our fields, fences, equipment or property. As the dog/s owner you will pay for the repairs in full.

On arrival & departure to Let the Dogs Run. It is your responsibility to be on time entering and leaving the area. Please allow enough time to unload and load your dog/s back into your vehicle. Your slot includes arriving, unloading your dog/s, getting to your booked area, time in the fenced area, exiting the area, loading your dog/s back into your vehicle and then departing our premises within your hour slot.

Prior to booking with us we recommend that you come for a walk round to inspect our facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that our facilities are suitable for you and your dog/s specific requirements. Please make careful consideration of our fence heights, our animals, the exercise areas, access and the area surrounding Let the Dogs Run.

Any equipment used at Let the Dogs Run is done so at you and your dogs own risk. We accept no liability for any damage, injury or death.

All children must stay with you and must be fully supervised at all times.