How To get started

A brief step by step guide on making an account with us and setmore, also how to book you slot at let the dogs run!

1. Make an account on the website,

In the navigation bar select Home and then My Account

2. Contact Wendy to book an introduction session

This is mandatory for use of the park.
We will run through;
Health and Safety,
How to use the park,
Coved guidelines,

If you have visited us before and are familiar with how the setup work we will be able to setup your account without an introduction session.

3. Select book a slot from the top of the webpage

Once Approved and logged in the ‘book now’ button will appear.

Or you can also book from any of the individual pages for each area;
Archies Freedom Field (AFF),
Mutley’s Playpark (MPP),
Wild and Woody Wood (Woody)

4. Select the Service and Area you require;

We have 3 areas to choose from; Archies Freedom Field (AFF),
Mutley’s Playpark (MPP) and the Wild and Woody Wood (Woody)

5. Select the date and time you want to visit us on

6. Sign into setmore

We use setmore as our booking portal, you will need an account for them as well.

You can quickly setup an account with your facebook or google account. This will store your booked slots and allow you to proceed straight to payment on your next booking.

We would recommend using google as the appointments will appear in your calendar automatically!

On the next page you will be asked to fill in a few details; Name, Address, phone number etc.

7. Proceed to payment

After you have made an account you will be directed to the payment screen, We use stripe as our payment gateway so your payment will be handled securely.

Here you can enter your card details, all major cards accepted.

8. Confirmation

Next you will receive a booking confirmation email with a gate code for your date and time, take note of your gate code and save the email for your reference.