Our story

Having visited several Dog Exercise Parks over the years, we perceived a need for this type of facility in the Auchterarder area.

We are very fortunate to live on a farm just outside Auchterarder. We have 500 acres of exciting places for our dogs to be exercised. However, we know not everyone is as lucky as us! 

As a dog lover and  the owner of a dog walking business, Home From Home, I have become increasingly aware that there are very few places to safely let dogs run free in our area, the choices are very limited! Firstly, we deer fenced a half acre woodland so that all the dogs in our care could run free!

During our first year in business it became clear to us that the opportunity for people to allow their dogs to run free safely was very limited in our local area!
In Perthshire, we are very lucky to have some lovely parks, beautiful woods, stunning moorland and amazing countryside that are full of farm animals, crops, wildlife and amazing fauna. We are a farming county, where livestock and fields of food surround our towns and villages. As a couple who have lived and worked in the countryside all our lives, we are very aware of the potential damage an out of control dog can do to livestock, crops and the local wildlife.

 From friends, family and the farming community, we’ve heard lots of complaints from both sides. It was with all this in mind that we decided to rent a 4 acre field and link it with our already fenced woodland. We felt that this was the perfect place that would enable us to create a purpose built dog exercise facility on a 4 acre site.

During November 2020, we started to install the fences. All our fences are built with deer fence netting and have additional rabbit netting attached which ensures a secure and safe environment, free of wildlife where owners can exercise, train and let their dogs run free! We have created a new car park, double gated entry system, reception and 3 dog exercise areas, each with their own different dimensions and characters. We opened on Monday the 21st of December, 2020. We have been delighted by the response from all the people who have sent messages and booked slots with us. Most of all we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing relaxed owners and happy dogs emerging from our areas!

 This is phase 1, We have lots of plans for the future!