Mutley’s Play Park

Mutley’s Play Park is our 1 acre activity park situated in the middle of our 3 areas. We have had lots of fun creating 9 different activities for dogs and owners to enjoy. Our activity park is set within a 1 acre grass park. The activities are arranged around the perimeter of the park leaving lots of space in the middle for free running, ball throwing or distance training.

All the boundary fences of our Mutley’s Play Park are deer fenced and rabbit netted. The 3 adjoining fences have additional rabbit netting added to double height thus preventing little snouts from popping through!

Over the next few months we plan to plant hedges and trees which will add more areas of interest. We also have plans to provide seating, a shelter and a sand pit.

Within Mutley’s Play Park is a red box containing a basic first aid kit, sanitiser, an ice pack and spare poo bags. On the front of the box you will also find our contact details and address should you need any further assistance.

An account must be created to make a booking at let the dogs run, please visit our tariff page for details.