Archie’s Freedom Field

Archie’s Freedom Field is a 1 and ½ acre grass field. We’ve left our field empty to give our visiting dogs the opportunity to have plenty of room to run and run! It’s also a  fantastic place to throw a ball, fling a frisbee or kick a football. Thirsty dogs can enjoy a refreshing drink from the water trough which is filled from our burn.

All the  boundary fences  of Archie’s Freedom Field are deer fenced and rabbit netted. Adjoining fences have additional rabbit netting added to double height thus preventing little snouts popping through!

Over the next few months we plan to add a shelter and  a picnic table. Archie’s Freedom Field has wonderful views of Craigrossie and the Ochil hills.

Within Archie’s Freedom Field you will find a red box containing a basic First Aid kit, sanitiser, an ice pack and spare dog poop bags. On the outside of the box you will find our contact number and address. 

An account must be created to make a booking at let the dogs run, please visit our tariff page for details.