Park Map

Car Park

Our private car park is accessed from the main road via a gate. We provide off street parking for Let the Dogs Run! customers only. We encourage everyone to park head first as this enables dogs to be unloaded into the car park area rather than on to the muddy banking. All dogs must remain on a lead until they enter the area you have hired and the gate is secured.


Our entrance is accessed from the carpark. We have built a double gated entry system to provide additional security as each gate has to be closed before the other one is opened. Please make sure each gate is securely closed before leaving.

Reception Area

Our reception area is fully enclosed by deer fencing. Access to each area is located from here. Our register is located in the middle stable marked Reception. Please remember to sign the register on entering and before leaving. Hands must be sanitised before and after signing the register. By signing the register you are completing our Covid 19 Track and Trace register. You are accepting and agreeing to our disclaimer that you have parked your car at your own risk and that you are using our facilities at your and your dogs own risk! 

Exercise Areas

Each area is surrounded by approximately 6ft high deer fencing. Additionally, we have added rabbit netting. The rabbit netting has a skirt of wire net pinned into the grass for extra security. Each area is accessed by a metal deer fence height gate. For additional security and peace of mind each gate has a coded lock. Please remember to lock yourselves in your hired area to secure the area.

Additionally, each area has a small basic First Aid kit, a dog poo bin and a bucket of fresh water. Spare poo bags can be found in reception.

Washing Facilities

We do not have any mains water or electricity. We do however have a lovely little burn where your dog can have a paddle after their time in one of our areas to wash their tummies and paws!. Our burn is accessed from the car park. Please look for the sign.


Alternatively we have purchased a Mud Daddy. 

The multi-award winning Mud Daddy Portable Washing Device is the perfect solution for cleaning, washing & rinsing a pack of dogs, boots, bikes… in fact anything that’s dirty! … The Mud Daddy is totally mobile, compact, and harmless to the environment! 

You can find water at the water butts between the stables and the wood store. You can find our Mud Daddy in reception. Please use it outside beside the waterbutts and then return it to reception.

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Each area has a sanitising station. Hands must be sanitised on entry and exit.

Wildy and woody

Our Wild and Woody Wood is a very special place where your dogs can sniff, run and explore to their heart’s content. Our ½ acre woodland has a variety of terrain from open areas under the oak trees, a muddy ditch and scrubby foliage areas along an old railway banking where dogs loved rummage and explore.



Mutley’s Play Park is our 1 acre activity park situated in the middle of our 3 areas. We have had lots of fun creating 9 different activities for dogs and owners to enjoy.


Freedom Feild

Archie’s Freedom Field is a 1 and ½ acre grass field. We’ve left our field empty to give our visiting dogs the opportunity to have plenty of room to run and run! It’s also a  fantastic place to throw a ball, fling a frisbee or kick a football.